Transparency is transformative

Venture capital needs transformation. Dilution is out of control, returns are skewed, and innovation is limited. It's time for change.

Modern portfolios are in dire need of transformation, too. They are plagued by programmed public securities and a lack of alternative options. The current status quo has fallen significantly short.

Enter Deal Box—the catalyst for transparency, empowerment, and trust. Through digital assets, we are transforming trust between venture counterparties by leveraging data, compliance, and analytics.

Whether you're a visionary founder or an investor seeking alpha, Deal Box is your pathway to success.
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About Deal Box

Enhancing trust between issuers and investors through tokenization.

Deal Box digitizes highly-vetted securities in private companies to redefine the ownership experience for individual and institutional investors.
20 years
Of capital markets experience
$4 bn
In tokenized alternatives
Of registered issuers and investors
Criterion Capitalism

Our Story and POV

Deal Box is a digital assets platform transforming venture investments. Since 2017, Deal Box has rigorously vetted and digitized over $250M of assets, embedding transparency and compliance into thousands of venture transactions. 

Capital markets visionary Thomas Carter laid the groundwork of what would eventually become Deal Box in Carlsbad, California, in 2005. Since then, our mission has grown into a leading global operation dedicated unique value creation for issuers and investors.

From deal structuring to digitizing company shares, Deal Box manages the entire asset lifecycle to deliver investors a secure and seamless ownership experience. In addition to its digital assets platform, Deal Box provides comprehensive capital advisory services through Investment Packaging™.

Meet our team

Competent. Focused, and friendly. Engineering your success is our passion.

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