Transparency is transformative

Venture capital needs transformation. Dilution is out of control, returns are skewed, and innovation is limited. It's time for change.

Modern portfolios are in dire need of transformation, too. They are plagued by programmed public securities and a lack of alternative options. The current status quo has fallen significantly short.

Enter Deal Box—the catalyst for transparency, empowerment, and trust. Through digital assets, we are transforming trust between venture counterparties by leveraging data, compliance, and analytics.

Whether you're a visionary founder or an investor seeking alpha, Deal Box is your pathway to success.
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About Deal Box

Trust that runs deeper than a deck and data room

Deal Box digitizes highly-vetted securities in private companies to redefine the ownership experience for retail and professional investors.
20 Years
Of capital markets experience
In tokenized assets to date
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Criterion Capitalism

Our Story and POV

Capital markets visionary Thomas Carter laid the groundwork of what would eventually become Deal Box in Carlsbad, California, in 2005. Since then, our mission has grown into a leading global operation dedicated to unique value creation for our clients.

Our proprietary investment packaging approach combines state-of-the-art software automation, accountability-driven management, disciplined due diligence, and a feedback-driven process that consistently asks, “Does it work?”.

This constant, habitual, and honest inventory-taking is the key to innovation and measurable progress. Outstanding achievement isn’t the result of a group-think agenda. Individuals – courageous, free thinkers (entrepreneurs) are the catalyst behind every significant human advancement throughout history.

Conformity to contrived corporate ideological mandates such as ESG or pandering to the trending, woke, social justice issue du jour amounts to pantomime, not pioneering success. Our core values derive from the DNA of the free market and civilization itself.

The foundational principles that inspired Plato gave birth to democracy, literacy, the Enlightenment, the scientific method, and the Renaissance, all of which put the first man on the moon. Self-responsibility, the sovereignty of the individual, meritocracy, free speech, and liberty are the ideals that give rise to true ingenuity and progress.

Does it work? History bears an immutable record, and these values inform our investment thesis.

We call it Criterion Capitalism.

It drives our focus on the democratizing power of blockchain technology, the significant efficiencies realized by A.I., and other high-growth sectors at the edges of human innovation that not only satisfy profit-driven market realities but also offer the promise of a better tomorrow for all.

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