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Our selection process starts with companies that balance innovation and pragmatism, and whose team demonstrates compelling vision, mission and whose core values translate into good governance, world-class execution and trust.
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Prominent position in Blockchain and FinTech that attracts high-impact entrepreneurs

Proprietary deal flow

We have a broad pipeline of deal flow derivative of industry relationships as well as affiliated and strategic partnerships across Blockchain and FinTech


 Network with leading investment firms, thought leads and innovators for deals and co-investments

Deep domain expertise

Our team brings significant experience and expertise across the Blockchain, Digital Asset, and Financial Service and Technology domains
Why Deal Box Ventures?

Reputation, technical knowledge, and real deal flow

Our strong combination of experience and contacts in the securities and investment finance sector, is key to attracting suitable prospective investment opportunities. Through the packaging arm of our business, we have established consistent deal flow to provide unique structural advantages in the diligence, vetting and selection process.
Companies packaged
Year track record
As a result of successful rounds

Our ecosystem partners

We are vertically integrated with web3 innovators

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