Institutional Data Rooms

Roll out the red carpet for investors

We help issuers provide investors with best-in-class data with updated financial and complete corporate governance.
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Current financials

Our analyst team works closely with you to produce a complete pro-forma financial statement for investors to quickly and easily review during the due diligence phase.

Easily accessible

From managing Direct Public Offerings, M&As to securing IPOs, our data rooms are designed to handle even your most complex deals.

Secured on-chain

Through the Universal Communication Identifier (UCID™), we ensure that no document is removed from your data room without consent.

Click trails and analytics

Track engagement to shorten the length of your round by prioritizing investors who are deep in the due diligence funnel.
Why on-chain data rooms?

Transform investor diligence into round intelligence

So much of the fundraising cycle is cluttered with high hopes, gut feelings, and hunches. With our data rooms, you will get investors the data they need to get to a yes or no in less time.
In tokenized company assets
Year track record
As a result of successful rounds

Our ecosystem partners

We are vertically integrated with web3 innovators

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers
Deal Box was the most important partner for completing our raise and understanding how to best position our company for the future.
Bob Kramich
Founder and CEO, Beasy
Any early stage company raising money is going to want Investment Packaging. It will save them a lot of time and energy.
Vic Nunes
CEO, QMed Innovations
My original deal wouldn’t allow for investment. Deal Box helped us structure our equity in a way that made the business speak for itself.
Tony Salemi
CEO, Microbeguard

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